Flat or Unit system – Which betting system is better?

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Placing sports bets is not difficult in itself, as the principle is very simple; to bet a certain amount on an event that you think will happen. Things get more complicated when various betting systems are also involved in the game, promising fabulous profits, which certainly sounds very tempting, but these systems also have quite a few disadvantages. Because of this, the question about the advantages and also about the actual benefits of betting systems is often asked.

The biggest problem with such systems, be it Flat or Unit, is theory. You will find a lot of different articles on the web dealing with betting systems in one way or another, but in the vast majority of cases it is just theorizing based on meaningless comparisons. Of course, in this article we will also touch on the theoretical foundations of the two most commonly used systems, but we will support the theory with practical examples that will enlighten every bettor about the legality of such betting methods.

Choosing a betting system is definitely a good idea for any bettor. Especially for beginners, the various systems will greatly facilitate their work, because instead of mindlessly betting, they will be able to constantly stick to mechanisms that will ensure much higher chances of success. Nevertheless, we must warn you from the beginning that any system, regardless of many promises, works in the long run, and that only if you actually stick to it.

What is a Flat system?

What is a Flat system

You will read in the vast majority of articles that almost all professional bettors prefer the Unit betting system over the Flat version, but this is not true at all. Especially high-powered users and organizations that bet very high amounts will tell you the exact opposite, i.e. that they swear by the Flat system above all. So what exactly is a Flat system?

It is one of the betting strategies where you always bet the same amount regardless of the odds and how confident you are in the outcome of the match. Of course, this is all assuming that the match is good enough to bet on, or not so good that you are not yet sure about paying the bet. The theory behind this is that gains or losses always stay at the same level, which makes losses less painful. It is important to mention here that this is a long-term system, which means that you will have to be very patient before you start seeing good results.

If you have decided on the Flat system, then you must first determine the amount you intend to use for betting. Otherwise, opinions are very divided in this area, but it is recommended that you bet between 2 and 5 percent of the total amount in your betting account.

We suggest that you stick to the two percent rule in order to minimize potential losses. So, if you have €1000 in your betting account, then each bet must be €20 (2%). Do not forget. This applies to any bet, whether the odds are 1.20 or 5.00.

Playing this way means you would have to lose 50 times in a row to lose all the money in your account, which is almost impossible.

Flat system with correction

In this case, too, it is a classic Flat system with the difference that at the end of a certain period (month, quarter, half year) you recalculate the amount of the bet based on performance.

1) If you were very successful in placing bets and managed to fill your betting account with an additional €200, then from this moment on you can bet €24.

2) If you were unsuccessful in placing bets and won €200 loss (€800 in your account), it is wise to bet €16 from now on.

We believe that the Flat system with correction is the BEST sports betting strategy for beginners and even more experienced bettors, as it is conservative enough to protect your account balance and at the same time aggressive enough to expect solid profits. To the author of this article, i.e. I managed to earn a few hundred euros this way. However, it’s worth noting that this is a long-term system that will require a great deal of patience.

Placing bets with the Unit system

Unit system

The Unit system is a mechanism in which the amount of the bet is adjusted to the probability of an event. Unlike the Flat version, with the Unit system you have to recalculate the value measured in units of 1/10 for each bet. A unit of 1/10 means that you will adjust the amount to the least likely event, while a unit of 10/10 is considered an almost guaranteed event. Let’s look at this with an example:

Let’s say you have €1,000 in your betting account. If you bet on an event with a unit of 1/10, it means that you will bet 1 percent of the total amount, i.e. €10. In the case of a high probability of an event, you will consider the unit 10/10 when betting, which means that you will bet 5.5 percent, i.e. €55.

This method of placing bets is not recommended for beginners, as they could quickly lose track of the information. It has already happened many times that someone announced an almost guaranteed outcome of an event with a unit of 10/10, which in the vast majority of cases turned out to be incorrect information.

However, if you already have some more experience in placing bets, the Unit system is definitely a good alternative to the Flat strategy, as you will adjust the amount of bets based on the probability of an event. For something like this, of course, you need to be very disciplined and know the values of the bets for which you will determine the amounts, because this is the only guarantee for long-term success.

Which system is better?

You can probably already think why both systems are such a big stumbling block in the sports betting industry. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is practically impossible to choose the ultimate system that would be the best choice for all bettors. The flat system is definitely suitable for beginners and users who are not ready to take risks, because you always bet the same amount, which does not depend on the odds. The exact opposite is the Unit system, where you determine the amount yourself based on the probability of an event, which makes good knowledge crucial. In any case, each of the systems is a better alternative to mindless betting, which usually does not bode well.

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