Myths about online casinos

Myths about online casinos

How slot machines work is a topic that gets asked a lot here. New ones appear all the time, but some often recur. They are so common that they have occurred to most gamers at least once. Many of the misconceptions on this list date back to the days before the Internet was widely used in real casino rooms. As a result, they may have had a grain of truth then. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about slot machines, as things have thankfully changed from the wild west era.

If the RTP is 96% does that mean I will get 96% of my money back?

RTP is 96%

This is about statistics in the long run. However, things are less certain in the near future. The player’s rate of return is calculated using a staggering number of spins, which is the most interesting thing about this. Therefore, 100 spins can return 50% or 10,000% in the near future. Because of this, some sessions fail, while others succeed after just a few spins. The ups and downs of playing slots are just like gambling.

Slots don’t pay out for a while after a big win

a big win

Although this feeling may be normal, this is not how slots work. Yes, as indicated by the RTP rates, pay out a certain percentage. However, keep in mind how many spins it took to calculate this amount. A slot that hasn’t paid out much recently will probably continue to do so in the future. It has an equal chance of paying off significantly on the next spin. Slot machines should be considered completely random. They are so exciting because practically anything can happen on the next spin, so bankrolls are built to prevent winners from chasing. Remember, no matter how much money we bet, the slot machines don’t owe us anything.

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